Jan 13, 2010

Cocoa Beach in Pictures!

Hiya - Aloha - Howdy - Greetings - Well Met - and How's It Goin' Eh?

I have had this in the planning stages for quite some time now and I am eager and excited to get it going :) 

I absolutely adore the beach here on Florida's East Coast and look forward to sharing a bit of Cocoa Beach with everyone. 

I plan to share some family shots, historic buildings, Ron Jon Surf Shop, the townsfolk, shops, eateries, and of course, some outstanding beach vistas. 

Look for the first of many photos coming in October 2010. Many days ahead for Cocoa Beach Pictures! Let's Set Sail ...

                          CU on the Beach, Wavecritter =)

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Cocoa Beach Pictures

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